Ganesha Dwadasanama Stotram Lyrics

Ganesha Dwadasanama Stotram Lyrics

Pranamya Sirasha Devam
Gouri Putram Vinayakam
Bhakthya Vyasa Smaren Nithya,
Ayurkamartha Siddhaye        1

Worship the son of Gauri, Vinaayaka, by remembering whom constantly the devotees attain longevity, desires and wealth.

Prathamam Vakratundam Cha,
Ekadantham Dveethiyakam,
Trithiyam Krishna Pingalaksham,
Gajavakthram Chathurthakam   2

Firstly, as the one with the twisted trunk; Secondly, as the one with the single tusk. Thirdly, as the one with dark brown eyes; Fourthly, as the one with the elephant’s mouth.

Lambhodaram Panchamam Cha,
Sashtam Vikatameva Cha,
Sapthamam Vignarajam Cha,
Dhoomra Varnam Thadashtamam  3

Fifthly, as the one with the belly like a pot; Sixtly, as the grotesque one. Seventhly, as the king of obstacles; Eighthly, as the smoke-colored one.

Navamam Phala Chandram Cha,
Dasamantu Vinayakam,
Ekadasam Ganapathim Cha,
Dwadasam Gajananam 4

Ninthly, as the moon-crested one; Tenthly, as the remover of obstacles. Eleventhly, as the lord of all, Twelfth-ly, as the elephant-faced one.

Dwathasaithani Namani,
Trisandhyam Ya paden Nara,
Na Cha Vigna Bhayam Thasya,
Sarva Sidhi Karam Dhruvam 5

Whoever repeats these twelve names at dawn, noon and sunset will not have any obstacles or fear and attains all siddhis or fulfils all desires.

Vidyarthi Labhadhe Vidhyam,
Danarthi Labhathe Danam,
Puthrarthi Labhathe Puthran,
Moksharthi Labhathe Gatheem.

One who pursues education will get knowledge,
One who wants to earn money will get money,
One, who wishes for a son, will get a son,
And one who wants salvation will get salvation.

Japeth Ganapathi Sthothram,
Shadbhir Masai Phalam Labeth,
Samvatsarena Sidhim Cha,
Labhathe Nathra Samsaya.

Results of chanting this prayer,
Of Ganapathi will be got within six months,
And within a year, he would get all wishes fulfilled,
And there is no doubt about this.

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